Crowdbotics Engineering is looking for a Software Engineer to join our core team. This team owns the technical architecture, engineering, and maintenance of our APIs, backend services, and infrastructure for our cutting edge no-code/low-code products. These services include our Django-based API running on Heroku, JavaScript microservices running on AWS Lambda, and many 3rd party integrations such as managing tens of thousands of Github repos and thousands of Heroku apps.


Our core team works on a wide variety of of problems and features. One day you may be updating model validation in our APIs, the next you may add new features to code generation Lambdas. While everyone on our team works on a variety of projects this role is focused on some of our more challenging CS problems such as code parsing and using machine learning to automatically generate code. You will

  • Parse, mutate, and generate code based on input provided by non-technical users.
  • Plan and add new features to our APIs and services.
  • Integrate with internal and external APIs.
  • Identify and implement improvements for the code and software quality.
  • Investigate and fix bugs.
  • Assist team members with code reviews.
  • Communicate effectively with the remote team using real-time and asynchronous communications.

Experience and Qualifications

  • BS in Computer Science or demonstrable knowledge of CS concepts through work experience.
  • At least 3 years of professional experience writing software.
  • Experience with program analysis and program transformation using ASTs.
  • In-depth knowledge of Python, JavaScript, or similar languages.
  • Proficiency with git.
  • An understanding of REST API integration.
  • Knowledge of common APIs such as Github’s is a plus.
  • Experience with cloud hosting services such as AWS.
  • Experience with Django is a plus.
  • Experience with DevOps is a plus.