Crowdbotics Engineering is looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join our core team. This team owns our cutting edge no-code/low-code products, the technical architecture, engineering, and maintenance of our APIs, backend services, and infrastructure running thousands of independent apps. These services include our Django-based API running on Heroku, JavaScript microservices running on AWS Lambda, and many 3rd party integrations such as Github, Heroku, and AWS.


Our core team works on a wide variety of of problems and features. One day you may be updating model validation in our APIs, the next you may update AST parsing in a serverless AWS Lambda. While everyone on our team works on a variety of projects this role is focused on some of our more challenging CS problems such as code parsing and using machine learning to automatically generate code. You will:

  • Parse, mutate, and generate code based on input provided by non-technical users using ASTs, DSLs, and other intermediate representation of code.
  • Research, spec, and plan technical changes to our products and help guide the team with technical decisions.
  • Integrate with internal and external APIs.
  • Assist team members with code reviews.
  • Mentor junior developers.
  • Communicate effectively with the remote team using real-time and asynchronous communications.
  • Identify and implement improvements for code and software quality.
  • Investigate and fix bugs.

Experience and Qualifications

  • BS in Computer Science or demonstrable knowledge of CS concepts through work experience.
  • At least 5 years of professional experience writing software.
  • Experience with code analysis and transformation using ASTs, other experience working with compilers, or automated code generation.
  • In-depth knowledge of Python, JavaScript, or similar languages.
  • An understanding of common web security issues, such as the OWASP top 10, and mitigation techniques.
  • Proficiency with git.
  • An understanding of API implementation and integration.
  • Experience with cloud hosting services such as AWS.
  • Experience with PaaS and FaaS services (eg Heroku, AWS Lambda, GCP Cloud Functions) is a plus.
  • Knowledge of common APIs such as Github’s is a plus.
  • Experience with Django is a plus.
  • Experience with DevOps is a plus.