Crowdbotics is a new way to build software using modular parts and a visual build tool.

As our Executive Assistant, you will work closely with management at the Executive level to provide top level administrative support. You’ll assist our leaders to make the best use of their time by handling secretarial, administrative and operational responsibilities. The Executive Assistant we’re looking for needs extensive knowledge of our organization and understand our aims and objectives. Discretion and confidentiality are essential attributes for a successful assistant.

This position will report to the HR Manager.


  • Support our executives (CEO and VP’s) by partnering with them in order to help them be more efficient and effective with their time
  • Manage calendars, acting as a gatekeeper to prioritize meetings and resolve scheduling conflicts, keeping executive informed on schedule changes
  • Assist executives with preparing for meetings, including meeting material preparation, setting up agendas, and distributing materials when needed
  • Arrange travel and optimize travel arrangements (transportation, accommodations, agenda) based on executive travel needs and preferences. Manage complex itineraries, to include any changes. Process related travel expenses.
  • Coordinate/assist with managing team meetings (staff meetings, all hands, board meetings, team gatherings, etc.) whether virtual or in person. Assist with event planning.
  • Prepare and organize monthly content for executives presentations and board reporting, as needed; Edit documents for accuracy, format, and arrangement of material.
  • Assist with process and/or program management such as maintaining distribution lists, distributing updates, administering surveys, conducting research, obtaining resources, preparing documents, etc.
  • Answering main phone line in a polite and professional manner
  • Recommending and being creative on simplifying processes and workflows
  • High responsiveness on Slack and email.


  • 5+ years of administrative experience supporting executive level leaders
  • Experience working at a Series A, high growth startup
  • Communication/Language: Excellent written and verbal.
  • Strong calendar management skills.
  • Excellent problem solving and decision making ability.
  • Strong work ethic, organization and able to manage multiple tasks.
  • Strong proactivity and self-direction
  • Ability to work effectively in a team environment.
  • Proven interpersonal skills and ability to interact with all levels of management, internally and externally.
  • Detail oriented with great accuracy.
  • Time management and ability to meet deadlines
  • Strong ability to handle confidential and sensitive information
  • Able to work odd hours on occasion

About Crowdbotics

Crowdbotics is a new way to build software using modular parts and a visual build tool. We’ve made a bet that the people building products and companies around Crowdbotics represent a new kind of software creator that, if we do our job right, will become the new normal for how people build software in the next decade — with readymade parts, cloud talent, and automated tools that empower everyone to be a maker. We see this as the future, and our customers, investors, and the market do too.To that end, Crowdbotics is creating what we call an “Operating System for Application Development”.What exactly does this mean?Contemporary application development requires the use of multiple tools and processes that are often spread across multiple disconnected systems. The Crowdbotics App Builder seeks to unify all these tools and processes into a single system with 4 key facets:

  1. No-code engine which enables users to build applications without coding, including a way to create database models visually, import screen layouts and designs from common development tools, and visually link screens to external services.
  2. Workforce management which enables a user to source talent from a curated menu of Crowdbotics experts who can help take your product over the finish line.
  3. Process and Project Management: We enable a user to manage all aspects of their agile development process, including tasks, milestones, and deadlines.
  4. Deployment and post-deployment maintenance which allows the user to one-click deploy their application to various cloud providers (Heroku being the most popular), app stores, and to provision and manage other infrastructure resources seamlessly.

Top 10 reasons to work for Crowdbotics:

  1. Work with helpful, kind, motivated, and talented people.
  2. Work remote so you have no commute and are free to travel and move.
  3. Have flexible work hours so you are there for other people and free to plan the day how you like.
  4. Everyone works remote, but you don't feel remote. We don't have a head office, so you're not in a satellite office.
  5. Our open architectures enable customers to leverage the “best-of-breed” technologies for their business and our platform supports and embrace them.
  6. Talent is global and we will strive to make it accessible to our customers with minimal effort. We are looking for like-minded people who believe in our mission, and share our vision of a world where anyone can build software - at scale.
  7. Work on a product used by lots of people that care about what you do.
  8. Our open systems empower our customers to build future-proof businesses on our platform.
  9. Focused on results, not on long hours, so that you can have a life and don't burn out.
  10. Open internal processes: know what you're getting into and be assured we're thoughtful and effective.