Crowdbotics is on a mission to democratize the software development process by providing entrepreneurs, product managers, and technical teams with the tools to build applications with zero to minimal coding. Embedded in our DNA are the following beliefs and values:

  • open systems empower our customers to build future-proof businesses on our platform
  • open architectures enable customers to leverage the “best-of-breed” technologies for their business and our platform should support and embrace them
  • machine-generated code is just a means to an end. It needs to coexist with human-written code, and be readable by humans in order to be truly useful.
  • customers stay on our platform because of the openness, flexibility, and value that our platform offers, and not because they are locked into our platform through inaccessible code.
  • talent is global and we will strive to make it accessible to our customers with minimal effort. We are looking for like-minded people who believe in our mission, and share our vision of a world where anyone can build software - at scale.

Crowdbotics Platform Engineering is looking for a Software Engineering Manager to join our Platform Services team. This team owns the technical architecture, engineering, and maintenance of our backend services and infrastructure. These APIs, tools, and servers power our dashboard that allows our customers to create applications with minimal coding, request and manage resources for their application, initiate and monitor application development projects, and manage all aspects of their application lifecycle.

Our backend services are developed using Python (Django REST Framework) and JavaScript. Infrastructure, testing, and deployments are managed across Heroku, AWS, GCP, Apple and Google app stores using Docker, Terraform, fastlane, and other devops tools.


As a Software Engineering Manager you will lead a team of developers and be accountable for ensuring timely delivery of software initiatives and creating business value...

  • Lead a team of software engineers in solution design, task breakdown, and code reviews.
  • Work closely with stakeholders and product managers to understand business requirements and help the team members translate these into technical requirements.
  • Communicate effectively with the remote team using real-time and asynchronous communications.
  • Manage resource needs through recruiting and on-boarding.
  • Plan and document technical specifications for features or system design.
  • Design, build, and configure applications to meet business process and application requirements.
  • Mentor junior team members and ensure they adhere to software quality standards.
  • Identify and implement improvements for the code and software quality.

Experience and Qualifications

  • At least 5 years experience building backend services using Python, preferably Django.
  • At least 2 years experience leading or managing collaborative, remote teams in distributed geographic locations.
  • Proven expertise building and integrating with REST APIs.
  • Proficiency with git and Github.
  • Experience with code parsers, ASTs, or automated code manipulation is a plus.
  • Experience with AWS Lambda or similar FaaS is a plus.

Although this position is remote, you will need to be available at least 6 hours during 9:00AM - 5:00PM US Pacific Time.